Loadshedding and power failures are common in South Africa – leaving us with no electricity at home and/or the workplace. As a result, people are turning to alternative power generation to maintain an electricity supply when the main grid fails. If you are looking for a Hybrid Solar System in South Africa, Synergy Energy is your solution! We offer grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid solar system solutions for your home or place of business. Today, we will discuss hybrid systems and the smart way that these systems can keep the lights on.

What is a Hybrid Solar System?

A hybrid solar system utilises several power generation and storage elements to provide electricity to essential and non-essential loads. Such a system comprises of a PV (photo-voltaic) solar array, a lithium-ion battery bank, and an inverter to regulate and convert electric current. It can also be complemented by a generator to serve as backup energy generation in case the battery bank is depleted and there is no direct sunlight for the PV array to generate electricity.

How Does a Hybrid Solar System Operate?

During daytime – when the PV array delivers optimal energy generation – and with a stable grid, the mains and the PV array will feed electric current into the hybrid inverter. From there, the inverter relays electric current to the DB board and the lithium-ion battery bank. The bank builds up charge while the DB board provides electricity to both essential and non-essential loads.

Should the main grid fail throughout daytime, the system will rely on the PV array to generate electric current, as well as rely on the reserves from the battery bank. The PV array and battery bank provides sufficient electricity to power essential loads, while non-essential loads will not receive any electricity. Some of the generated current from the PV array will be fed back into the battery bank to keep up reserves.

At night, the PV array will not receive any sunlight. Therefore, the hybrid solar system will only rely on the main grid. The inverter splits the electric current from the main grid to charge the battery bank and provide electricity to the DB board, which feeds both essential and non-essential loads. During grid failure at night, the system will provide electricity from the battery bank to power essential loads.

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