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Customer owns a bespoke charter & security company. It is imperative that servers and operations are stable on a 24Hr basis and therefore a combination of solar generation and battery backup was required. The property has a 350kVa diesel generator to assist during loadshedding. Typical power consumption ranges between 650kWh and 820kWh per day and 21500kWh per month.

System installed

Synergy Energy proposed and installed a 100kW Sunsynk 3phase system with 146 X 545W JA Solar panels and 200kWh Lithium batteries. The existing generator was integrated into the system to automatically engage should the batteries deplete.


Diesel generator run times were reduced to only operate during extended overcast conditions together with high occurrences of load shedding.
Utility billing consumption was reduced by 50% whilst maintaining a minimum battery capacity of 60% to cater for unexpected power outages. ROI is currently at 1% per month based on power generated versus total consumption. Further system expansion is being explored.
Zero operation disruptions are experienced.
Potential diesel savings alone on this project offers a return on investment of under 4 years.

The Stats

Single Day

Power Consumption
42801 kW
Solar generation
63060 kW
Eskom consumption
991 Watt


Power Consumption
662.2 kWhours
Solar generation
410.1 kWhours
Eskom consumption
294.3 kWhours


Power Consumption
17704.4 kWhours
Solar generation
10065 kWhours
Eskom consumption
9731.2 kWhours