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We have been supplying quality PV Solar Power Systems to the residential, commercial, and industrial markets since 2010.

PV (Photovoltaic) Solar Power Systems use the sun to generate electricity during daylight hours and therefore have no continual costs once the system is installed.

Currently, solar energy delivers between 18% to 25% return on investment per year based on electricity savings, outperforming any other financial investment you make. IInvesting in PV Solar Power Systems to save on your electricity bill is the best investment you can make right now for your business or home over the next 20-25 year period.

PV Solar Power Systems

A PV Solar Power system typically comes in four configurations:

Grid Tied Solar Systems

Grid Tied Systems

No batteries required. Grid Tied Solar Systems supplements your grid energy usage and is an excellent option for reducing your electricity usage from the grid.

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Hybrid Solar Systems

Hybrid Solar Systems

The Hybrid Solar Systems will charge up the batteries, and the excess production will supplement your household/ business energy needs.

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Backup power systems

Backup Power Systems

Backup power systems use an inverter and batteries to supply power to critical loads when a power failure occurs.

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Off Grid Solar Systems

Off Grid Solar Systems

Off grid solar systems are helpful for areas where no grid exists, such as farms or rural areas.

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Backup power systems

Power Generators

Generators are used in case of power failures to supply power the equipment where the start up delay from the generator is not a concern. They are typically used where high loads are expected and is less expensive to install compared to Inverter Backup systems.

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Various Finance Options Available:

Bond Finance

This option suitable for residential and commercial property owners


  • Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of bond finance as the terms allow for very low monthly payments in comparison to traditional finance options that run over shorter terms.
  • Flexibility is key with bond finance as the customer can decide to pay extra when they can afford to do so and save on interest.
  • Property values over the long term tend to grow, especially if funds are applied on improvements or off-grid solutions, which cancels out the debt incurred.
  • Available Banks: Nedbank | Standardbank | FNB | ABSA | Investec | Capitec
Instalment finance for businesses

With instalment sales ownership of the asset is automatically transferred to you once the final instalment on the lease has been paid. This lease is treated as on-balance sheet funding, and depreciation can be written off. Interest is charged on the full capital amount, including VAT.

Option available with Standardbank and Netbank

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - for solar systems 200kw and up

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gives our clients the option to benefit from renewable energy without having to invest any capital. Under a PPA we will purchase, install and operate an energy generating facility on your premises, the energy produced by the system will then be sold to you at an agreed upon rate (Rand per kWh).

Contract lengths typically range between 10 and 20 years, with this duration governing the rate as well as the annual escalation. We aim to provide immediate savings by providing a rate lower than the municipal tariff.

During the entire contract period NrG will own the system, performing all Operations and Maintenance thereby taking on all performance and technology risk.


Loans up to R300 000

What our clients are saying


"After being referred to you by a friend, we were impressed from start to finish with Synergy Energy Solution’s speedy responses, professional workmanship and great after sales service. Going off the grid was the best thing we could have done, and your guidance through it all and willingness to meet our requirements and budget made all the difference. The high tech app which enables us to see real time updates on our system’s performance and how much solar/ battery power we are using has helped us be more efficient in running our household. The savings we see daily are beyond anything we’ve ever expected. We can’t help but show off your wonderful system and will be sure to continue the tradition of referrals to friends." - Iain


"We are very satisfied with the service received from Synergy Energy Solutions. The service was incredible from the sales staff to the technical staff, answer all questions and guide us through the whole process. We are also very happy with our solar system and have thus far saw a saving of R1500 to R2000 per month on our pre-paid power account. Thank you." - Christa


"Thank you so much for friendly, fast and excellent service and at a very affordable price." - Bianca


"Professional, knowledgeable and fast service. Thank you Synergy Energy it was just a pleasure dealing with you guys!" - Linda

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