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Synergy Energy Solutions PTY (LTD) was established in 2010, and all our employees have extended knowledge and experience in energy-efficient products.

We strive to give our customers a sustainable, long-term investment while helping them minimise their environmental impact by incorporating skill, knowledge, innovation and service excellence into all tailor-made solutions.

Our goal is to become a recognised leader in the challenging and growing energy-efficient market in Africa and provide our valued customers with quality products that deliver substantial savings.

Grid Tied Solar System

This grid-connected system supplements your grid energy usage and is an excellent option for reducing your electricity usage from the grid.

Hybrid Solar System

Grid connections and batteries are commonly referred to as hybrid systems. When installed correctly, it will act as a UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply) during a power outage.

Off-Grid Solar System

An off-grid solar system is useful for areas where no grid exists – such as farms or rural areas.

Backup Power System

Backup power systems use an inverter and batteries to supply power to critical loads when there is a power failure.

Generator System

Generators are used in case of power failures to supply power to the equipment where the startup delay from the generator is not a concern.

Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Hydronic underfloor heating works by circulating warm water through a closed network of pipes laid in the floor, gently spreading heat throughout the house.

Heating Solutions

Our heating solutions include solar water heating, heat pump water heating, hydronic underfloor heating and hydronic wall heating.

Company Profile

Synergy Energy Solutions PTY (LTD) was established in 2010, and all our employees have extended knowledge and experience in energy-efficient products.

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Holistic Energy Solution Providers

We are driven to provide a complete renewable energy solution to our clients.

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Leading Brands Suppliers

We support leading supplier brands to ensure product durability with low maintenance costs.

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Professional Sales & Technical Staff

Our staff has extensive industry knowledge and experience

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Specialist In Our Field

With over a decade of providing solar energy, heating & cooling solutions country-wide, we are specialists in our field.

At Synergy Energy Solutions (Pty) Ltd, we dedicate ourselves to improving the living standards of every client.

We offer energy-efficient solutions that result in actual savings and turn homes into comfortable living spaces.

Energy Saving

Converting to a solar-powered system could not be simpler. You only need a few initial components:
Solar PV Panels (converts sunlight into electricity)
Inverters (converts received electricity from the solar panels from DC into AC)
Batteries (an optional component to store electricity for later use).

With no switching between solar power and grid power, there is a continuous supply of electricity without dips during a power outage, ensuring a safe and constant power supply to all sensitive equipment and buildings.

Living Comfort

Water heating is generally the highest consumer of energy in homes and the workplace, making it one of the main reasons customers are moving toward conserving energy.

Solar water heating systems are perfect for providing hot water where no electrical backup is available. They are also simple to maintain.

Supplementing your existing electricity needs with a solar water heating solution could save you more than 35% on your monthly electricity bill.

Step 1: Initial Needs

Identifying what you initially want out of your solar energy investment is the first step to finding the best solar energy solution that suits your pocket and situation.

Whether you want to cut your electricity bill, improve your living standards, or increase your overall property value, we have a solution for you.

Step 2: Independence

When implementing an energy solution, you face two extremes. On the one hand, you could choose to be completely separate from the current energy supply grid (going ‘Off-Grid’) or remain partly connected to the existing energy grid (be ‘Grid Tied’).

Either option has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Your decision directly affects how scalable your solution will be and which modules will best satisfy your eventual requirement along your chosen upgrade path.

Step 3: Best Solutions

Finally, let our knowledgeable and experienced team assist you by explaining the various options available to you.

We will answer any technical questions you may have and conduct a thorough site audit and present the appropriate financial analysis for investing in your solar energy project. All you need to do is request us to contact you, and we’ll guide you through the entire process.

Various Finance Options Available: View available options

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What our clients are saying

Paul Barron
Paul Barron
For such a critical and costly investment I wouldn't look further than Synergy Energy Solutions. The advice I received was excellent and their approach to build the system up over time to avoid over investment but still solve the problem of keeping the lights on and earning back from renewable energy has been rewarding. The installation was neat and tidy. The after sales service has been amazing - from teething problems, to educating me how to best optimize the system and monitoring to make sure the system is functioning correctly. I highly recommend these guys
Carlo Lotter
Carlo Lotter
Professional service and quality work received
Mac Steynberg
Mac Steynberg
Installasie is vinnig, netjies en professioneel afgehandel te danke aan Justine en Kobus wat die span gelei het.
Jonathan “Butters” Butterworth
Jonathan “Butters” Butterworth
Jacques and his team have installed a number of solar systems for me and they have been fantastic. Living in a load-shedding free home with a system that has given me no issues for over 6 months now…. what a pleasure. Thanks Synergy
Juan Kemp
Juan Kemp
Jaco Joubert and team is very professional. The products they installed is of a high quality and their back up service of a very high standard. I recommended them to various people and all of these people are very satisfied with their installed systems and the support they received from Jaco and Jean and team. I recommend them to anybody that considers installing a solar system. They are always just a phone call away with support and advice.

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