When you need cost-efficient energy solutions for your business or at home, Synergy Energy is your solution to PV solar systems in Gauteng and Limpopo! We can assist with grid-tied, off-gird, and hybrid systems to see to your energy needs. Photovoltaic (PV) materials can convert sunlight into a direct current (DC) of electricity, which is useful to generate energy in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly manner. Today, we will discuss the value of such a system and what you can expect from our solutions.

Grid-Tied Solar Systems

Businesses and households can take advantage of a grid-tied solar system to reduce their overall municipal electricity usage and drive down their monthly bills. Such a PV solar system does not require any backup or battery banks, as the generated electricity is immediately available and consumed. Statistically, this type of system can deliver about 18% to 25% yearly ROI – based on the amount of money being saved on monthly utility bills. Therefore, it is seen as one of the best financial investments for households and businesses over the next 2 decades.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

In South Africa, we have become accustomed to loadshedding and municipal power failures/cuts. As a business in South Africa, these power failures have a direct impact on your bottom line. An off-grid solar system is a complete PV solar system that includes a regulator, inverter, and battery storage banks to ensure that it can provide energy whenever you need it. Normally, this type of system will require a large PV array to generate enough electrical current and can also be accompanied by other means of electricity generation to keep up with demands.

Hybrid Solar Systems

When it comes to hybrid solar systems, a PV solar system works in collaboration with the municipal electricity supply to deliver a smart system that generates and relays energy between essential and non-essential loads, based on the time of day and municipal grid stability. These systems also utilise battery banks to provide energy to essential loads during grid failures. At night, the PV solar system does not generate any electricity – solely relying on the municipal grid for energy. Should the grid fail, the backup battery banks will kick in and provide energy for essential loads.

PV solar systems are extremely effective in South Africa because of favourable weather and climate conditions. Choose Synergy Energy today and take advantage of solar power for your own business and household with us on your side!