Do you need a PV Solar System Solutions in South Africa as an alternative power generation for your home or place of business? Synergy Energy is your first choice! We can assist with grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid PV solar system solutions to accommodate your needs. Today, we will focus on how these systems operate and what they can deliver when the main grid fails and leaves you without any electricity.

What is a Grid-Tied PV Solar System?

A grid-tied PV solar system is a smart way to save money on your municipal utility bill by adding a PV array into your electrical supply. This system is simplistically designed to be more energy efficient and utilise the power of the sun to reduce electricity usage from the main grid. Such a system comprises of a PV array and a 3-phase grid-tied inverter that connects to the main grid and the DB board of your house or place of business.

During the day, while the main grid is functional, both the main grid and the PV array will feed into the inverter and provide electricity to the DB board. Should the power fail, the system will revert to a small emergency backup power system to provide electricity to the DB board.

What is an Off-Grid PV Solar System?

An off-grid PV solar system relies on various elements to provide electricity that is not reliant on or connected to the main grid. These elements include a PV array, battery bank, generator, and inverter. During daytime, this system relies on the PV array to generate electricity and feed into the inverter. The inverter provides electric current to the DB board and charges the battery bank simultaneously.

When it is overcast, the PV array will generate less electric current, with the deficit being pulled from the battery bank to deliver sufficient electricity to the DB board. At night, the system will rely on the fully charged battery bank to deliver electricity to the DB board. If the battery bank runs low on charge, the generator kicks in to charge the battery bank while generating enough electricity to power the DB board.

Synergy Energy is your first choice when it comes to PV solar system solutions in South Africa. We offer a wholistic range of energy solutions to accommodate your needs and preferences. Feel free to contact us directly with any enquiries on how we can deliver solar energy solutions to your home or place of business. Overcome the challenges of loadshedding and power failures today with Synergy Energy on your side. Enquire now!