Your Answer to Off-Grid Solar Systems in South Africa.

When you need a solution to off-grid solar systems for your home or workplace in South Africa, Synergy Energy is your first choice! In South Africa, we must deal with constant loadshedding, unexpected power cuts, cable theft, and main grid system failures – all of which have drastic consequences for households and businesses alike. At Synergy Energy, we offer grid-tied, hybrid, and off-grid solar systems that can generate and provide electricity when the mains fail. Our off-grid solutions do not even use the main grid, giving you the freedom to solely rely on this system to generate electricity.

How Does Off-Grid Solar Systems Work?

An off-grid solar system consists of a PV solar array, battery bank, inverter, and generator to create a reliable and sensible solution to energy generation that is not reliant on the main grid. During the day – when the sun shines and the PV solar array can generate electricity – the generated energy is sent to the inverter, from where the energy is split to charge the battery bank and provide power to the DB board. When it is overcast, the battery bank kicks in to make up the deficit.

At night – when the PV solar array does not generate electricity – an off-grid solar system solely relies on the stored energy from the battery bank to deliver power to the DB board. When the battery bank runs low on energy, the generator kicks in to generate electricity that is sent to the DB board, while simultaneously charging the battery bank. This also applies to situations where the battery bank is low on charge and the PV solar arrays cannot generate optimal energy due to weather or time of day.

Is It a Wise Decision to Go Off Grid?

In a simple answer, yes. With an off-grid solar system, you can forget about loadshedding and any other unexpected power cuts that could hamper your work schedule or disrupt your daily routines at home. It is a clever and innovative method of energy generation that you can rely on – taking away the stress of losing valuable time and money to power cuts.

When you want to go off grid in South Africa, choose Synergy Energy for all your off-grid solar system needs! Please browse our website for details on our grid-tied, hybrid, and off-gird solutions for your home or business, and feel free to contact us directly to request a quotation. Forget about the loadshedding woes with Synergy Energy on your side. Enquire now