Do you need a more efficient method of generating heat in your home or place of business? Synergy Energy offers water underfloor heating (hydronic) systems that can evenly distribute warmth throughout the entire area of the floor! These systems operate on 70% less electricity usage in direct comparison to conventional underfloor heating solutions – saving you money in the process. They can also be installed under most floor surfaces, including tiles and wooden floors.

How Does It Work?

A water underfloor heating (hydronic) system utilises a closed network of pipes that are installed underneath the floor surface – circulating heated water through the pipes to efficiently generate heat in a room. The water can be heated by various energy sources that include solar systems and conventional gas boilers to only name a few. Since the water runs through a closed piping network, there is no need to constantly refill the system. Therefore, a hydronic underfloor heating system can revolutionise the way you generate heat in your building or at home.

Does Such a System Pose Any Health & Safety Risks?

When looking at a conventional (electrical) underfloor heating system, there are several drawbacks that could manifest, such as unintentional electro-magnetic fields that could disrupt electrical appliances, and injuries from direct contact with exposed electrical wire or heat plates. With a hydronic underfloor heating system, such risks and drawbacks are eliminated, as the system circulates water instead of an electrical current. These systems also promote healthier environments for people with allergies or asthma.

Benefits of Hydronic Underfloor Heating

The most obvious benefit comes from cutting down on municipal utility bill costs by delivering an underfloor heating system that only requires a fraction of the amount of electricity in comparison to conventional alternatives. By utilising solar power to heat the water, for example, you can generate heat without the need of electrical appliances. Synergy Energy provides a tailored solution to match your requirements, which includes the most ideal layout for the underfloor pipes to ensure that there are no cold spots on the floor area.

When you need a smarter solution to generate heat at home or your place of work, you can trust that Synergy Energy is your answer when it comes to water underfloor heating (hydronic) systems. We also offer yearly maintenance and services for our hydronic heating systems to ensure that the system operates on optimal efficiency throughout the year. Please contact us today with any enquiries or to request a quotation.