South Africans are currently facing endless loadshedding and unexpected power cuts as a result of energy generation shortage and constant power station failures. Synergy Energy provides a feasible solution to overcome power failures – keeping the lights on at home or your workplace. Hybrid solar system solutions can act as a property’s uninterrupted power supply to generate and store electricity by utilising PV solar arrays and battery banks. Today, we will look at how such a system works and be beneficial for your household/business.

The Setup of a Hybrid Solar System

This is a grid-tied system – meaning that they still rely on the main power grid and should not be considered as an off-grid solution. The property’s DB board connects to an inverter that regulates the flow of electricity between the main grid, PV solar arrays, and battery bank. In return, the DB board provides electricity to essential and non-essential loads in your household/business.

How Does a Hybrid Solar System Operate?

During the day – when the PV solar arrays can generate electricity from sunlight – both the main grid and solar arrays feed into the inverter. From here, the electric current is split into 2 paths – charging the battery bank and feeding both essential and non-essential loads. Should the grid fail during the day, the PV arrays will be the only source of electricity. In this case, the inverter will also utilise the built-up charge from the battery bank to provide electricity to the DB board.

At night – When the PV arrays do not generate any electricity – a hybrid solar system relies on the main grid to provide electricity to the DB board. The inverter also sends electric current to the battery bank for charging. If the power fails at night, the system will solely rely on the battery bank to provide electricity to the DB board.

The Benefits of a Hybrid Solar System

One of the biggest benefits of a hybrid solar system is the simple fact that such a system can deliver uninterrupted energy to your household/business. This system can also integrate a generator for even more effective energy solutions. It offers efficient energy solutions to protect your household appliances from energy surges that could cause damage and lead to even bigger problems.

When your household or business needs a hybrid solar system to overcome the challenges of loadshedding and power failures, Synergy Energy is your wholistic solution in South Africa! Enquire now