Do you need a solution to overcome constant loadshedding and unexpected power cuts? Synergy Energy is your answer to a wide range of solar systems to accommodate your needs! Our solutions include grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid solar system setups to ensure that your home or place of business will have a fitting system to rely on when the power eventually fails. Today, we will discuss a hybrid solar system and how this type of system can work to your benefit.

How Does a Hybrid Solar System Work?

A hybrid solar system utilises a PV solar array that is connected to an inverter, along with a lithium-ion battery bank and a connection to the main power grid. During the day, the main grid and the PV solar array feeds energy into the inverter, from where the inverter relates the power to the DB board and charges the battery bank. Should the main grid fail during the day, the inverter will rely on the solar panels to generate electricity and make up any deficit by tapping into the battery bank.

At night, a hybrid solar system does not rely on the solar panels for electricity generation and feeds off the main grid to provide power to the DB board and charge the battery bank. Should the main grid fail at night, the system will solely rely on the battery bank to provide electricity to the DB board. As a result, you can expect less energy consumption from the main grid – decreasing your monthly utility bill and giving you a smart solution to efficient energy usage at home or your place of business.

Your Solution to Overcome an Energy Shortage

With no end in sight for regular loadshedding in South Africa, people and businesses are turning to alternative means of electricity generation to overcome this energy shortage. With a Hybrid Solar Systems in SA, the main grid is still in play to charge the battery bank and deliver electricity when it is functional. However, when it fails, there are provisions to generate and provide electricity with the PV solar array and the battery bank’s charge. Therefore, you can reliably avoid unexpected power cuts and power surges that could cause damage to your electrical appliances and devices, and keep on schedule with your regular daily routine.

When you need a smart solution to overcome loadshedding, Synergy Energy is your answer to off-grid, grid-tied, and Hybrid Solar Systems in SA! Please browse our website for details on our available solar systems and contact us today with any enquiries and to request a quotation.