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Backup power systems are designed to charge internal batteries when Eskom electricity becomes available. As soon as a power failure occurs, the Backup Power System automatically switches over and supplies your house or business with the stored energy.

An uninterrupted power supply is crucial for any operation, making backup power systems essential.

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PV solar energy systems

Backup Power Systems

Backup power systems use an inverter and batteries to supply power to critical loads when a power failure occurs. The supply of power when the grid fails is almost instantaneous making it the perfect option for powering household appliances and office equipment.


  • Instantaneous supply of power when grid fails
  • The system protect appliances and equipment from power surges
  • Most systems can be converted to solar at a later stage
  • The system size can be increased as the demand changes
  • Backup systems require very little maintenance


  • Backup inverter system does cost more than generators
backup power systems

Various Finance Options Available:

Bond Finance

This option suitable for residential and commercial property owners


  • Affordability is one of the biggest advantages of bond finance as the terms allow for very low monthly payments in comparison to traditional finance options that run over shorter terms.
  • Flexibility is key with bond finance as the customer can decide to pay extra when they can afford to do so and save on interest.
  • Property values over the long term tend to grow, especially if funds are applied on improvements or off-grid solutions, which cancels out the debt incurred.
  • Available Banks: Nedbank | Standardbank | FNB | ABSA | Investec | Capitec
Instalment finance for businesses

With instalment sales ownership of the asset is automatically transferred to you once the final instalment on the lease has been paid. This lease is treated as on-balance sheet funding, and depreciation can be written off. Interest is charged on the full capital amount, including VAT.

Option available with Standardbank and Netbank

Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) - for solar systems 200kw and up

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) gives our clients the option to benefit from renewable energy without having to invest any capital. Under a PPA we will purchase, install and operate an energy generating facility on your premises, the energy produced by the system will then be sold to you at an agreed upon rate (Rand per kWh).

Contract lengths typically range between 10 and 20 years, with this duration governing the rate as well as the annual escalation. We aim to provide immediate savings by providing a rate lower than the municipal tariff.

During the entire contract period NrG will own the system, performing all Operations and Maintenance thereby taking on all performance and technology risk.


Loans up to R300 000

What our clients are saying

Lenro Anley
Lenro Anley
Great service from Justin and Jean. There are a lot of Solar companies out there but I can say with confidence that Synergy Energy Solutions give exceptional service. Always willing to assist and answer questions at any given time.
Chamu Mugangavari
Chamu Mugangavari
Synergy Energy Solutions installed a solar system for my house. They were extremely professional and patient especially since I had very little knowledge of what I required in terms of a solution to serve my home energy needs. They came through, reviewed my energy consumption and made various suggestions with different budgetary implications. I then chose the most ideal solution for me and it has served me well. The installation and after service care has been top drawer and I would highly recommend them!
Marlu Mostert
Marlu Mostert
Professional team. Tidy work and great support. Explained the setting and App thoroughly. Would highly recommend
Tanya Fourie
Tanya Fourie
After months of deliberation and deciding on the best and most trusted supplier to install a solar system, we decided on Synergy Energy. They have years of experience and are a reputable and professional company. They installed a solar system at our home in Pta and the installation was impressive to say the least. Two of the owners, Jacques and Jean went even further by overseeing the installation and explaining the whole process to us. Their personal after sales service is also exceptional. They regularly, after the installation contacted us to ensure that we were happy with their installation and product. Even phoned us this morning (ON A SUNDAY) to hear if everything is OK, wow where do you get such service?????. We will recommend them to anyone who wants exceptional and reliable products, installation service and after sales service. Well done Synergy team, proud of you and your service!!!!!!!!!!
Kerry Anne
Kerry Anne
I have waited a few month's before I written this, as I wanted to see how well, will the system fair next to my 30kva genartor. I have never been more impressed with a service, quilty of product, turn up time, and efficiency. Loadshed is a distance memory, and I have nort even felt the blackout, or heard my genartor, which now is will be sold. The system is Seamless and the saving on electricity itself is amazing. Big thanks to Justin Jacus and all of thr synergy team. They have excuted the impossible within a week of order. And took few hours only to install 16 panels. And finish all work needed. With COC delivered by a professional. I can not believe how well coordinated their stuff is , polite mannered and so clean at work. Words can not describe. Highly recommended 👌 👍 👏
Robert Slump
Robert Slump
Synergy installed a hybrid solar system at my house last year December and have to congratulate them on their superior products, service exellence and after sales commitment. Jean went out of his way to advise me in respect of installing the correct system for my needs and continously engaged me to ensure that I was happy with the installation. Great prices and even better service. Would highly recommend them if you want a trusted solar system at affordable prices and great after sales service. I have done my homework before choosing them and they have been in the solar business for years and are not your "fly by night" company which will leave you stranded after a few months. Thanks again Synergy team, I am a happy camper!!!
Douglas Craigie Stevenson
Douglas Craigie Stevenson
World class installation fast and efficient and on time no worry that you may have chosen the wrong company. My recommendation to anyone
Ivan Van Wyk
Ivan Van Wyk
Great solutions, excellent workmanship and professional service overall. I am very pleased with Synergy Energy Solutions and would recommend to anyone considering solar installations! Thank you to Jacques and the Team for making this a seamless process.

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The PV GreenCard is an industry led quality label that is inclusive in nature and becomes the key to ensure a high standard of quality for small-scale Solar PV installations.
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