Hydronic Underfloor Heating

Transforming your home environment to produce that warm feeling. It is also the most cost effective way of heating your home, using up to 70% less energy than conventional heating.

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Hydronic under floor heating evenly distributes warmth throughout the floor area, resulting in a pleasant warm room temperature.

Without the noise, dryness and blowing of air associated with conventional heating systems. With different control systems available to control which areas you want to heat and to what temperature will increase your experience and decrease your heating bill.

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Underfloor Water Heating

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Hydronic Underfloor Heating

How does Hydronic Underfloor Heating work?

Hydronic Under floor Heating works by circulating warm water through a closed network of pipes laid in the floor, gently spreading heat throughout the house. As it is a closed system, water is re-used once commissioned and does not need to be refilled.

The water can be heated by several heat sources and a combination of energy efficient heat sources, e.g., conventional gas boilers and renewable energy sources such as solar or energy efficient heat pumps. In combining renewable energy source, this system requires only a minimum of electricity and is therefore the most environmental and energy friendly.

Energy Efficiency & Savings.

Saving you up to ± 70% in home heating cost by using energy efficient heat sources to heat your home.

With Hydronic under floor heating, it is possible to change your heat sources to even more efficient heat sources as they become available in future.

And because of the long-life expectancy of the oxygen barrier PEX pipe you will not need to replace the piping for at least 30 Years, increasing your return on investment and comfortable living experience.

System Design.

Systems are designed based on each individual customer’s need and requirements while focusing on the best outcome and energy efficiency.

Hygienic, safe & low maintenance.

With Warm and dry floors inhibiting the growth of dust mites and with almost no air movement, Hydronic under floor heating provides significant health benefits, for sufferers of allergies and asthma.

With no chance of injury caused by touching the heating system or any electro-magnetic fields caused by electric equipment it is the safest way to heat your home.

With little mechanical equipment in the system, it is easily maintained by the owner or yearly services can be done by us to ensure that you have many years of comfortable living.

Benefits of Using Water Underfloor Heating

  • Uses up to 70% less energy than conventional heaters.
  • Little maintenance and ideal for open space living and with no cold spots in the room.
  • More hygienic because there of no air circulation.
  • Can be used with most floor surfaces.
  • Flexibility in different room temperatures.

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System Components

Underfloor Heating Piping:

We use only the highest quality PEX EVO OXYGEN BARRIER piping that is manufactured to EU standards and that is specifically designed for underfloor heating systems. The piping is pressurized to 6 bar during the building prosses to protect the piping from damage and in case of accidental damage the water will indicate the damage.

Manifold and Actuator system:

The manifold is a series of valves that are connected to the underfloor piping in different rooms of the house and controls the flow to each room to ensure even heating. Or to close of a specific room if heating is not required in that room. The actuator is the devise that opens or closes the valves on the manifold and is controlled by the control system or thermostats.

Thermostats and control systems:

The thermostat and control system are used to regulate the temperature in each room as the room reaches its set temperature. The thermostat sends a signal to the control unit that then switches off the actuator that closes the valve on the manifold.

There are different types of thermostats that can be used from normal analogue thermostats to fully programmable thermostats. The system can also be incorporated by a smart home system (Home Automation) this will give you the ability to program and set your home temperature before you get home.

Circulation Pumps:

The circulation pumps are used to circulate the heated water through the floor and back to the heat source to be heated again. We only use the highest quality WILO circulation pumps to distribute the heated water through the underfloor heating pipes to ensure reliability and longevity.

Heat Sources:

The heat source heats the water that is then distributed through the manifold to all the rooms.
There are many different types of heat sources that can be used to heat the underfloor heating system.

  1. Electric Boilers
  2. Gas and Diesel Boilers
  3. Biofuel heaters
  4. Solar
  5. Heat Pumps (Fixed Speed)
  6. Heat Pump (Inverter)

What our clients are saying


"After being referred to you by a friend, we were impressed from start to finish with Synergy Energy Solution’s speedy responses, professional workmanship and great after sales service. Going off the grid was the best thing we could have done, and your guidance through it all and willingness to meet our requirements and budget made all the difference. The high tech app which enables us to see real time updates on our system’s performance and how much solar/ battery power we are using has helped us be more efficient in running our household. The savings we see daily are beyond anything we’ve ever expected. We can’t help but show off your wonderful system and will be sure to continue the tradition of referrals to friends." - Iain


"We are very satisfied with the service received from Synergy Energy Solutions. The service was incredible from the sales staff to the technical staff, answer all questions and guide us through the whole process. We are also very happy with our solar system and have thus far saw a saving of R1500 to R2000 per month on our pre-paid power account. Thank you." - Christa


"Thank you so much for friendly, fast and excellent service and at a very affordable price." - Bianca


"Professional, knowledgeable and fast service. Thank you Synergy Energy it was just a pleasure dealing with you guys!" - Linda

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